Lesson Learnt #1: Never buy bleach together with a million other items and when you actually have to walk home.

For the benefit of those who have never bought bleach in their life, I am talking about the 4 litres kind.

My cleaning aunties have been reminding me week after week that my bleach is running out and that I should seriously buy a new bottle before the “running out” becomes “ran out”. And week after week, there is no new bottle of bleach … much to the disappointment of the aunties.

So today I have decided to end all that and go get bleach!

It was all good until I thought, heck, since I am at the supermarket why not load up on some fruits & drinks in the fridge as well … and some good old instant noodles too … and hey, isn’t that my favourite brand of sausages which was off the shelf for a long time … ahhh, campbell soups on discount, no harm getting 2 cans to standby for emergency … and why not grab some buns from the bakery for tomorrow’s breakfast … 

And then I began my longest 5 min walk home.

I totally over-estimated my arms’ carrying capabilities (it then dawned upon me what all those weight lifting in gyms is all about. To prepare us for trying moments like this! But then, I was never a gym person)

Did I mention it started raining?