I am officially on LOA starting today. For those scratching their heads, LOA spells Leave of Absence, meaning I don’t have to work for a while. So I guess I will be blogging more regularly from now on.

Let’s start with the very reason why I am on LOA then!

preg test kit

I am into my 9th week now and it has been and still is pretty rough. Sensing that I am not going to be physically and mentally up to my demanding job, I decided to take a break and totally rest myself. Especially after the unfortunate miscarriage last year, I am not about to take any risk this time round. 

Fatigue and nausea I may be (most of the time), I am so so delighted and always looking forward to the next gynae appointment when I can see how my little one is doing in there. 

The last appointment was just coincidentally on Valentines’ Day and that was the first time we saw and heard my little one’s heartbeat. Simply amazing!