These days, my queasiness hasn’t been giving me an easy time and I have been surviving on candies & sour plums to curb those unbearable moments.  So much so that I have grown sick of them plus I figure that such in-take volume over the months to come will undoubtedly add on to my already exploding waistline.

Luckily for me, I have just found healthier alternatives that works just as well yet without the same guilt level.
So instead of munching junk, I am trying to treat myself to these lovely strawberries whenever I feel like throwing up.
Since the strawberries are best kept in the fridge and can’t be following me wherever I go, I have these wonderful packets of raisins that I can stuff in my bag when I am out.      
And I love this particular packaging with the ziplock thingy, which is so convenient as a on-the-go snack.
Now that I am armed with these fruity saviours, I am determined to keep those sinful and unhealthy junkfood at bay 🙂