I was casually flipping one of the magazines lying around (uh… the one that is adored for throwing in free gifts that come in various colour choices and often leaving buyers wringing their hands in frustration when the desired colour runs out).

Anyway, back to the article that I came across which talks about First Ladies’ and politicians’ fashion sense and how they bring out the status and confidence that should come with being who they are.  Of course, this article was written in the context of Michelle Obama’s recent outfits display during the inauguration.  Others, such as model-turned First Lady of France, were also featured in terms of their elegant style and updated images.
Contrastingly their counterparts in this part of the world do not seem to measure up in terms of fashion style.  
And I can’t agree more whenever one of our very own, who is also one of the most successful and powerful business woman in the world, appears on TV.  I would squirm in my seat and go “aiyo, why she has to look like that on national TV huh?” I suppose a little makeup and hair styling doesn’t hurt and definitely will not make her any less a powerful lady as she already is.