I have been on the forgetful side these days (due to pregnancy??).
Like going downstairs to post my letters only to realize that I don’t have them with me.
Like packing all the items I need to return to whoever I am meeting later, and placing them in the most conspicuous corners in the house (e.g. on the shoe rack, in the doorway) so that there is no way I would miss them before leaving the house.  I still left empty-handed.
Like conditioning my hair before shampooing.
No big deal right? Just remember the next time loh… 
Oh trust me, being absent minded has its consequences.
Here’s me forgetting to close my living room windows before hopping happily out of my house yesterday. 
wet floor_1

I think the brownish water was due to the rain water washing down the soil in my poorly soaked plants that were still enjoying the sunshine moments ago.  Not that I am sure but because I really don’t have a better explanation for it
Here is another disgusting view.
wet floor_2
When The Man came home unexpectedly early, he was annoyed yet amused to find me squatting over soaked newspapers spread all over the living room.
And there went my plans for making pasta for dinner cause I spent the rest of the daylight, whatever little that remained, blowing my soaked carpet with my pathetic 1400W hair dryer.