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I have fallen ill twice since my pregnancy.

First time was a gastric flu attack during the CNY week. 
I went to Doctor A and he reassured me that the medicine he prescribed me, including antibiotics, were definitely safe for expecting mothers.  I obediently took the medicine and recovered soon after.
Second time was just two days ago when I came down with a terrible flu and runny nose.
I went to Doctor B.  Unlike my experience with Doctor A, I had quite an unsettling conversation with Doctor B below.
Dr B: “Oh your throat is in a mess. Now here is the problem.”
Me: “Uh-huh?”
Dr B: “Most expecting mothers will want to avoid antibiotics, though it has not been scientifically proven that it may be harmful to the baby. So it is up to you if you want antibiotics.”
Me: “Aren’t there antibiotics that are safe for expecting mums?”
Dr B: “Oh no antibiotics (or did he say drugs) are 100% safe for pregnancy.  You see, there are four categories A,B,C,D.  A – being totally safe. B – relatively safe without any proven risks. C- use with caution and only when necessary. D – Definite No No for pregnancy.  So the antibiotics will fall into Category B.”
Me: “So if I go without antibiotics, I will just take a longer time to recover right?”
Dr B: “Oh not really, if you go without antibiotics, you may get worse.  And when that happens, I would need to prescribe you an even stronger antibiotics, which is worse.”
Me: “Huh? So what do you advise?”
Dr B: “I would take it if I were you so that I don’t have to end up taking stronger antibiotics but it is really up to you.”
Me: “Well, ok then. Btw, can I continue with the iron, calcium and DHA supplements that my gynae prescribed me while taking these medicine?”
Dr B: “Maybe stop the iron for now.  Btw, these supplements also belong to Category B.”
I went home took only one dose of the antibiotics and stopped since.  I know it is something I HAVE to complete but after running through this conversation over and over again in my mind, I just didn’t feel like continuing anymore.
Sometimes the same facts, when delivered through different people or different messages, can actually bring about different reactions and outcomes. I kept asking myself which Doctor did the right thing.
And I am still not quite recovered yet.