Over the weekend, I had a splendid dim sum buffet at Pine Court, Meritus Mandarin with friends. Something I haven’t done in a long time.  The restaurant looked quite swank and spacious.
We were delighted that besides the a la carte selections, there was a sumptuous spread at the side which included the unexpected Peking duck, pig trotters in vinegar, huge sauteed prawns, deserts, fruits and many others.
The a la carte selection was also of great quality and came with the options of some main courses and double boiled soups.  
In general, a great experience except for two disappointments:
1. They were quite slow in serving our orders – but that was forgiven quickly given the good selection of the side spread that kept us busy.
2. There wasn’t any egg tarts! – no dim sum is considered complete without egg tart 😦
Here are some interesting prawn dumplings with a beautiful faded purple on their skin.  They tasted as promising as they looked.
pine court_1
What do you get when you take too long to snap? …. Fogged-out “siew mai”!
pine court_2
Here are the same “siew mai” again without any special effects 🙂
pine court_3
All of a sudden while we were hungrily digging in, a plate of complimentary “yu sheng” came and we were like “but CNY is over already?!?”. Oh heck, we “lou hei” anyway like it was CNY all over again.  The next table (non-locals I believe) stared at us in bewilderment.
pine court_4
Halfway through our feast, we couldn’t help but took a photo of our bags because it was rare of us to be out with such colourful bags at the same time!
pine court_5