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Went for my much anticipated gynae checkup yesterday and it turned out to be one of those > one-hour-long wait.

However, the wait was all worth it!
Somehow I was expecting the scan this time round to show a slightly larger version of what I saw the last time round – all curled up, shrimp-like and resting shyly.
Instead, I was surprised to see my little one so much awake – almost 4 times longer, floating upside down, stretching out one leg followed by the other, and trying to reach out to the toes with the hands!

Me: “Oh look! Moving so much!”
Gynae: “Yes, see your baby is waving to you”
Me: “Haha yah, the baby seems so happy and carefree swimming in there.”
Gynae: “Until it is time for his/her PSLE. Hahaha.”
Sometimes, my gynae has this sudden outburst of simple humour 🙂