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Yesterday was the day for discovery at the gynae because it was time to answer the most-frequently-asked question in recent weeks.
Before that, let me digress a bit.  I knew I was supposed to do a blood test this checkup so I was mentally prepared to have a needle inserted into me and have a test-tube of blood drawn from me.  So when the nurse placed four (Note. Not 1 but 4) big empty tubes in front of me while preparing the needle insertion, I blinked hard.  That was a first for me man.
“er… why are there so many tubes huh?”
“Oh… we have to test for different things mah… see the different colour coding on the tubes? Red is for testing blah blah blah, green is for blah blah blah blah…”
I wasn’t really following as my mind already wandered off, hoping I have enough to fill them up and could still stand up after that 🙂
So much for blood.  Now back to the scan.
Here is my baby relaxing with hands behind the head and legs up in the air, almost like enjoying in a resort.

My gynae went on to scan my bloated tummy from different angles before he suddenly said in a very as-a matter-of-fact manner.

Gynae: “Looks like you have to prepare a set of army uniform”
Me: “Huh?”
The Man: “Oh!”
Gynae: “See, this is the canon and that is the base.”
Me: “What? Where?”
The Man: “It’s a boy lah!”
Me: “How? Where?”
The above conversation went on for a few minutes in a similar fashion until I finally saw what I was supposed to see and know what I was supposed to know.  I remembered coming up with a lame excuse for myself for being so slow in catching the whole thing.  “Aiya, it takes one to see one mah… that’s why I couldn’t see at first!”
So below is the tricky scan with the BIG “P” labelled properly for appreciation.  And I am not referring to the pelvis 🙂


So now it IS offical!  I am having a boy!  
And so I hurried off to buy the very FIRST item for him.  
“Halo Again Little BOY!”