believe like many others, the earlier stages of pregnancy presented a challenge of the bump that is somewhat in an awkward state.  Why awkward?  Suddenly, my once flat abdomen seemed like it was growing an ugly tummy BUT yet neither was it big enough to kill off those doubtful looks with a definite “No, that is not a spare tyre. I am pregnant!”

A couple of weeks ago, I walked pass the security guard and was making small talk.
Security Guard: How come recently so free? No work?
Me: Oh, took long leave to rest at home.  Not feeling too well.
Security Guard: Oh ya, your lips a bit dry. Flu?
Me: Er no…I am pregnant… cannot see meh? (pointing to my awkward bump).
Security Guard: Orrrh… I still thought… nowadays a lot of ladies got tummy mah… last time hoh don’t have one leh… don’t know why… Oh congrats & take care uh…
Till today, I am still pondering over why he came up with the comment about more women having tummy nowadays compared to last time.  Is it really true? Yikes!
This week, my awkward bump has finally developed into what I term as a very obvious pregnant bump.  So just when I bid farewell to the awkward stage, I received yet another baffling treatment yesterday.
We passed by a showflat and had time to spare.  So we decided to join the queue to view it under the ridiculously hot sun of what might had been 34 degree celsius.  
There were a lot of suffering faces and the person ushering the viewers went to the lady right behind me and said: Pregnant? Come come, you can go in first.
I turned around upon hearing this but what I got was just a smile from the usher before he led the couple behind me into the showflat.
I then exchanged a puzzled look with The Man and we both burst into a laughter that only both of us understood 🙂