I was just a few steps away from getting onto the Mango store at Vivo City when I was suddenly “hijacked” by this tall “ang mo”.  Before I could understand what was going on, he started slapping a herbal smelling shoulder pack over my shoulder and boy was I shocked at the heat it was giving out.  Turned out he was peddling his wares from one of those shopping carts,

The next thing I knew he was stripping on a waist pack for me and letting me sniff this mint pillow that supposedly can clear sinuses.  All this while, rattling away non-stop on how these products when heated in the microwave can relieve pains & aches.  It was one of those situations that you just don’t have the slightest opportunity to interrupt (unless you get really rude about it).
ang mo: Ok, so this whole set costs only $165 and I can give you a discount.
I stared with disbelief after hearing the exorbitant price.
ang mo: How about you just get this waist pack first?  It is only $65. (shoving me a basket of the colourful mint pilllows in my face)
Me: What is this?
ang mo: You choose one.  You buy the waist pack and I give you a free mint pillow.
Me: Erm, no thanks.  If I really need these, I will come back again.  (walking away)
ang mo: How about $55?
I shook my head politely again and continued walking away.
ang mo: Ok Ok… how about $40 ?!?
Gosh… that was almost 40% discount in a matter of seconds.  For a brief moment, I thought I was in Chatuchak market in Bangkok 🙂