This is my second time at The Marina Barrage.  I remember our first time there was on its opening weekend and I commented back then that I bet the open grass area will be a popular location for activities.
This time round, I am indeed met by a crowd that is scattered all over the place… kites flying, badminton (don’t know how they managed in the wind), mini soccer, picnic etc…
A picnic there would be nice… but maybe not in this kind of weather.
Just hope there won’t be any proliferating litter problems to blemish this picturesque place .  Already parking is quite a disaster… 
There is a fountain area below that is somehow turning into a kids’ swimming area (the photo did not turn out well).  Some kids actually came prepared with swim wear and everything.  I wonder if it is now officially a kids’ pool.  Funny thing is I did smell chlorine as I walked past in bewilderment.  
marina barrage_1 marina barrage_2