I used to feel that Mothers’ Day is yet another commercial exploit, with super long queues outside restaurants and OSIM roadshows sprouting everywhere.
However this Mothers’ Day, I figured that it can be a significant and meaningful affair not just through elaborate dinners or showering them with expensive gifts.
Here is what I witnessed and learnt over the weekend:
Our own Mothers’ Day celebration was actually a night out at KTV with everyone singing their hearts out. (Happening right? I think we might be going bowling on Fathers’ Day! Haahaa)  They looked extremely excited and satisfied belting out their favourite tunes.  Spending happy moments together on activities our mothers enjoy is really a great way to bring a smile to their faces. 
During a wedding luncheon I attended on this same weekend, my friends took the opportunity to honour their respective mothers on stage with bouquets of flowers and I could see them gleaming with pride and joy.
Another friend of mine blogged about her baking a cheesecake for her mum on this special occasion and was totally rewarded by how much her mum appreciated and loved it.
And of course this year’s Mothers’ Day takes on a slightly different meaning for me… though my little one is still doing his mini somersaults inside me… I think that is his way of saying Happy Mothers’ Day to moi!