My blood test showed Iron Deficiency (dietary) and/or Thalassaemia traits (hereditary) .  Since young, I have always been low on iron, thus signs of mild anemia at certain points in my life.   Unfortunately, my parents can neither recall nor have any records during my childhood to indicate if it is hereditary.  My gyane explained that if it is really Thalassaemia, then there is nothing much I can do about it but if it is purely dietary Iron Deficiency, I can try to salvage by doubling my iron supplements intake and through foods like beef, spinach & liver.
So immediately after the checkup, I wasted no time in indulging in a beef feast 😛
Hamburger Steak… 
hamburger steak
Beef Stew…
beef stew
The nurse was just slapping on my hip while I was on the weighing scale: “My dear, you have put on weight…” So much for weight control.