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As much as I hate to go for car washes (thanks to those long, painful & boring waits in the car), I had no choice but to bring my little Mini for a good shower.  Mini was all covered in little dots of stains which have been accumulated for god knows how long.  I must admit I have been the most “bo-chap” car owner for the past weeks.
After overcoming my internal reluctance and convincing the guilt-stricken me that Mini should not be punished with dirt and grease for her owner’s laziness, the weather turned out to be another obstacle! Urrrggghhhh… and it went on for two days, depriving us of the opportunity to do so.  Trust me, it was not one of those excuses I made for myself.
And finally, it was sunshine after the rain and so… off we went.
I supposed I wasn’t the only driver who have been waiting patiently for the last drop of rain to evaporate and then zoomed off to the car wash because I had at least eight cars infront of me.  This is exactly why I am no big fan of car washes… but hey hey hey… me knowing better than to bore myself to death, I went fully prepared this time!
I armed myself with a good old cup of Mr Bean’s almond soya milk and a sinful pack of Taiwanese fried chicken.  It is kind of like having pop corns and coke in the cinema 😛
car wash
So the car wash turned out great – with me satisfied gastronomically and Mini shining proudly once more 🙂