I have been largely distracted these past two weeks by the sale of my house and the relentless hunting for a new place and thus, the lack of blogging.  Now that the dust has settled with most of the documentation and planning taken care of, the rest is execution.
Concerned friends have questioned the timing of the move, given that I will be into the last trimester of my pregnancy.  I would be lying if I claimed it wasn’t even the least of our concern but then after some deliberation with The Man, we thought why not… since I am on leave and that gives me much room for all the planning and coordination, which would otherwise be even more challenging with both of us slogging away at work.
Given that our new place will not be ready in at least another three years, we will be moving in with my in-laws for now.  We started off with properties that will T.O.P by this year but the asking prices for these sub-sales have been nothing but ridiculous.  We also contemplated the possibility of putting up in a rented apartment in the meantime but three years of rental will set us back by quite a bit.
So this week is when I start all the light packing since I am under strict instructions not to do any heavy lifting 🙂 Not that I can manage anyway… given the clumsy and bulky state I am in.
With less than two months to go before I have to leave behind this lovely first home of mine, the emotions will no doubt start to sink in. It feels like just yesterday when we were still doing up this place with all the resort-themed ideas and furniture.  I will so dearly miss this place that was once filled with parties & booze, fun & laughter, ups & downs… 
It will be a pity that Junior wouldn’t have a chance to stay in The Eden after he is born and so we have been snapping away in the house, hoping to show him each and every corner of our first home in the future.