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Some time back during one of those inspired afternoons, I painted on a little flower pot (one of those plain ones from Ikea).  I stared at it for the longest time before I decided on a simple green landscape with a clear blue sky… mainly because I realised after long periods of inactivity, many of my poor tubes of paint were sluggishly hardened… with the most promising tubes from the blue & green family 🙂

flower pot

After an afternoon of intense painting and getting all my fingers embarrassingly stained, I showed it to The Man with much excitement (like that of a child bringing home from school an art piece that the parents would be proud of), expecting some kind of compliment or praise.
The Man (staring with disapproval): How come your painting look so lonely! No houses and no people??
Me (dumbfounded): err…
I then turned around the pot and pointed out.
Me (depserately defensive): Lonely meh? But look… there is a little windmill on the other side mah…
flower pot_2
Ok, maybe I WAS feeling a little lonely that afternoon…hahaha 😛