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I am so glad I finally made it to the pool this afternoon for the very first time since I was preggy.
I have been putting off this whole idea of swimming because my whale-like body could no longer fit into any of my teeny weeny bikinis… not even close 😦
And all those maternity swim wear I came across so far looked just too hideous and ridiculous that I would never be caught dead in them.
So finally last weekend… I found the PERFECT matching set that caught my eye the moment I set foot in the store (from this Australian brand – Sun Seeker).  Most importantly, it fits! (but the size of the bottom piece is really embarrassing to reveal… the sales girl even asked me twice if I was sure the size is right). 
Anyway, I had a really great time at the pool… I haven’t felt so light for months!  Especially when I feel really breathless these days just after a 10 min walk, this swim felt like heaven.
I wasn’t ambitious at all thinking that if I couldn’t manage to swim, I would just walk in the pool. To my delight, I did ten laps slowly without the slightest difficulty! 
Think I am going to hit the pool everyday from now on… or at least every other day 🙂