Just want to share two makan places I patronised recently where great food and great atmosphere co-exist.
My friend found this authentic Jap dining place Satsuma with a romantic setting in Gallery Hotel. 
What I liked best about this place is the servings of their fresh cabbage, carrots and cucumber sticks with a tasty miso-like paste for dipping.  In fact it was so addictive and finger-licking good that we asked for a second helping.
Then there was the succulent grilled beef steak…

And also the intensely flavoured fried udon with kim chee and pork…
We had about nine dishes altogether that night (whose photos I shall not flood this page with) and after that we could hardly get out of our seats 🙂
Then there is Blooie’s, a pub that is tucked away in an obscure corner of Jalan Tua Kong. As a sausage lover, I ordered for myself the Jumbo Sausages and when it was served, I really think Jumbo was an understatement!  Too bad beer is off my list for now, otherwise, this would have been the perfect meal 🙂