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While I have my fair share of disappointments with the kind of service level received in Singapore, I must say my little experience today got me to think that there IS great service around us.
I was shopping around in Uniqlo (for those who still have no idea what this is… you need serious help) and within seconds after I picked out the third piece off the rack, an enthusiastic staff appeared from nowhere with a basket and helped me unload everything from the hangers.
As the fitting rooms were full, I had to stand in the queue for my turn.  Again, within seconds, another staff came over with a stool and kindly offered me a seat while waiting.
In another shop – Outfitter, a very patient staff helped me pick out the same sizes for all the different designs I wanted to try on (maybe being preggy makes me a bit more fickle-minded).  Even after asking for the sixth or seventh design to be tried on, she still assisted with the warmest smile.  
Lastly in a maternity shop – New Maternity, the staff not only took the initiative to pick out something that suited me when I looked 100% lost (as usual in a maternity shop) but also went on to suggest what could be worn with it to look good.
These may all sound like very simple gestures or standard behaviours that we expect service staff to possess. However, I am really appreciative because don’t you find that more often than not, service staff tend to give you that “black long face” when you so much as to ask for another size or colour… or give you the infamous “It is all there on display” and expect us to plough through the entire stack or rack ourselves?
In the end, I did walk away with something from each of these shops.  I must say the great service helped in making those purchase decisions.
So I say, keep it up!