This post should have been up on the night before the move but we totally over-estimated what we could achieve over the last 2 days before the move. 
So the night before the move, we were still struggling with the last batch of laundry, squeezing the last bit of stuff into whatever holes we managed to create in the already bursting boxes and finally sealing them before going to bed exhausted.
Being preggy, I was of no value and could only get in the way during the move so first thing in the morning, I made myself scarce by soaking in a lengthy brekky downstairs, reading every line published on the Straits Times and going for a full hair cut with wash & blow (when what I really needed was just a 5 min trim of my fringe).
Periodically, I would sms The Man to monitor the progress, anxious to know if everything went smoothly. Then came an unexpected hiccup… somehow, our humongous sofa could not pass through the main door (even though it has been dismantled into 2 separate pieces)! So, the movers had no choice but to leave it outside at the corridor.
My father-in-law wouldn’t give up as he adored the piece and has even gotten rid of his old sofa so as to welcome this giant.
Ingeniously, he sawed the wooden legs apart… pushed it through into the house with the help of The Man… and then fixed the legs back again perfectly once it was in the house. This activity alone took up the entire afternoon as it was no easy feat at all! 
Then, last night came another hiccup, less dramatic by comparison though. After discarding yet another round of my clothes in the afternoon (already discarded one round before the move), I finally managed to squeeze all my working clothes into the new wardrobe, satisfied with my achievement for the day. Just before retiring to bed after another back-breaking day, the hanging bar in the new wardrobe decided to give way! Too much clothes… overloaded… my father-in-law diagnosed. I could only curse.
Other than that, everything else seemed to work out… so far so good!
Next thing would be to get all those bulky items that don’t fit into this house into storage and of course… continue with the never ending unpacking by the next few days! This will be our little nest for the next 3 years so no effort shall be spared to make it nice & comfortable 🙂