I can’t remember the last time I cried at a movie, let alone a cartoon. And I mean really cry, the sort that leaves eyes red and swollen, the sort that is uncontrollable like a spoilt tap, the sort that ends up with a heap of tissue papers.
After exposing my junior to transforming robots and magic spells recently, I thought an innocent cartoon like “UP” would be a nice change. I walked into the theatre expecting a good hearty laugh, like the experiences I had with that of “ICE AGE” and “MONSTER INC”. 
So I couldn’t believe it when I ended up crying through the first part of the movie before the real adventure even started… in fact, I had tears flowing whenever that background music was playing, whenever the camera zoomed in on the Adventure Book and whenever Me Frederickson stared blankly at his house or his wife’s photos.
As I walked out of the theatre at the end of the movie, I was still tearing. And just when I thought that was the end of a teary evening, my eyes swelled up again on my way home just by the mentioning one of the scenes. The one which Mr Frederick flipped the adventure book for the last time and saw his wife’s farewell note to him, thanking him for the extraordinary adventure he had given her all those years and asking him that it was time that he seek his own.
It must be the most touching and beautiful cartoon I have ever watched but then again, it may be just my preggy hormones taking over and playing tricks on me.