Forget about those 1800 numbers or those never ending lists of motherhood web forums. Who needs them anyway when I have 3 great friends who are just a phone call or sms away for real-time advice and references.
Firstly there is J’s Godma. Having three kids of her own, she is able to share with me her valuable experiences and perspectives to what works for the different situations encountered, which brands are better, what are the more essential items to prepare in larger quantities and what are the items that might just end up as white elephants. Beyond that, I also look upon her as a source of motivation, whose energy level I can draw upon. If she can juggle three young kids with a demanding job, I should have no excuse with just one, especially given the kind of help I have around me.
Of course there is my good old friend XH, whose baby girl is just 2 weeks older than J (who also suffered in the same labour ward and rested just a few maternity ward away). Never did we imagine eighteen years back when we were seated in the same classroom that we would go through pregnancy and motherhood together! As our juniors are just 2 weeks apart, it always feels reassuring to seek reference and compare notes with each other throughout our pregnancy days and now, our baby’s development and our “confinement woes”.
Then there is BC, the walking encyclopaedia. It is truly amazing how much she knows and she is like this huge knowledge database that can be tapped on for anything from A to Z. Being an extremely warm and helpful person as she is, I have been at the beneficial end of receiving all sorts of tips, “do”s and “don’t”s as well as useful advices since the start of pregnancy till now.
I would have been running around like a headless chicken without all the precious lessons learnt from these three amazing young mommies.