Yes, we are both suckers of “end-of-the world” sort of hollywood blockbusters. So, 2012 was a movie which we wouldn’t miss.

Like the countless other doomsday epic movies, America once again saved the world from total destruction and devoted father (usually divorced) emerged as the hero who saved the day. The plot sounds all too familiar to us movie buffs right?

If you have not watched this movie and intend to, perhaps you should stop reading here in case the rest of this entry turn out to be a spoiler for you 😛

This movie got me thinking if the real world does react and operate in the same manner if we are really faced with such threats of a total wipe out. What if in order to ensure continuity of the human species and civilization, we can only select and save 400,000 in this world due to limited resources and time? And not to forget our dear animal friends and important historical relics of mankind (in the movie, we did see giraffes and elepahants being hauled and The Mona Lisa being preserved).

If so, then how can you and I, who have close to zero chance of being saved, increase our odds of being selected to live?

Here is what I have learnt from the movie:

– Be a billionaire and pay 1 billion euro to buy yourself a seat
– If you see no hope of becoming a billionaire no matter how much Toto you have bought in your entire life, then you have better be some famous scientist or doctor. Not just a mediocre one but someone who makes alarming discoveries and contributes to mankind.
– If that is still too tough, then marry one. I mean the billionaire.
– Alternnatively, work for the white house.
– But not the US president. You might have to make a sacrificial decision of staying behind with your fellow citizens to proof that you are a good leader.
– Learn how to fly a plane and get a license. And just because you proof to be more useful in situations like that, you will live slightly longer than the rest of us. Afterall, both pilots in the movie did not survive eventually.
– Be a citizen of one of the G8 countries. I did not think any Singaporean was part of the 400,000. (though I believe one of the actor is a Singaporean)

Nonsense aside, which is a better way to select the survivors if you are the one to decide?
A) Select the elites from every field/arena who can best contribute to the continuity of human race
B) Draw lots so that every human being is given a fair chance of survival.

Well, maybe an ark is well on its way of being built as we sit pondering over this question 🙂