Everybody has a role to play in J’s daily life.
The Daddy:
– The official chauffeur
– The official photographer
– The diaper changing assistant
– Greets him good moring with his favourite cot mobil animals
– Carries him to and from the car in the mornings
The Gong Gong:
– Carries him up four flights of stairs if I have more than one bag to handle
– Makes funny animal noises which sounds to me like a cross between a monkey and a chicken
– Carries him outside to appreciate his pots of flowers along the corridor
– Sings him nursery songs that I have never heard of in my entire life
The Po Po:
– Takes turns with me to bathe him
– Attempts to make him nap in the afternoons with pretty low success rate so far
– Burps him which I have very little patience for
– Makes milk & feed him
– Entertains him constantly with little animal softtoys
The Uncle (a.k.a my bro):
– Knocks off in the evening and sings boring army songs to soothe him when no one else seems to be bothered by his crying ( I once dozed off listening to him)
The Ye Ye:
– Welcomes him home every night with some Chinese New Year songs
– Chats with him in the rocking chair while we have our dinner
The Ma Ma:
– Makes milk & feed him (usually outsourced by The Daddy) if I am still having dinner or showering
– Attempts to make him sleep for the first round at night
– Bathes him on Sundays
The Mummy:
– The official milk supplier
– The official jukebox
– Oversees milk & diapers supplies in both households
– Kisses him every morning when he wakes up
– Continues with the morning greetings of his cot mobil animals while The Daddy changes into his working clothes
– Takes on any of the above when anyone decides to take a day off
And thanks to everyone playing their roles so well…. I am still sane and enjoying every bit of motherhood 🙂