We found a table at R-Burger Orchard ION and sat down with our food. Someone left behind a packet of crumpled and used tissue which we conveniently dumped into a used tray on the next table.
Along came a young girl, stopped at our table and asked: “Er… I had a packet of tissue here?”
I said pointing to the used tray behind us:” Oh, we thought it did not belong to anyone and threw it away.”
For someone to actually leave and yet turn back to the eatery for her tissue, she must be in need of some tissue badly. I then reached for my bag and was about to offer her my tissue if she didn’t mind when I saw her friend behind her with a tray of freshly bought food.
Ooooo…. Enlightened. That pathetic looking packet of tissue was meant to “chop” the seat!
They then moved away to another table at a corner. (Not after she picked up her packet of tissue from the used tray).
Well, you can’t blame us can you? I thought this only happens in hawker centre or foodcourt.
If you really have no choice but to use this “chop-a-seat-” tactic with tissue paper, PLEASE PLEASE use a newer , cleaner and uncrumpled packet. The chance of you getting the seat is much higher… trust me.