Recently, I have come to realise that there are certain common traits between The Man and J.
1. Both make significant amount of noises during sleep.
2. Both love to put one hand undermeath their pillow during sleep.
3. Both have explosive appetite sometimes. While J screams for that occassional bottle in between feeds, The Man can cook himself a packet of instant noodles, peels himself a banana and tops it up with a can of coke or a bar of ice-cream in between meals.
4. Both cannot stand a moment of dullness and constantly need some form of action infront of them. For J, it would be one of his toy collections or adults acting like clowns. For The Man, it would be either his iPhone, PSP or Laptop (together with the TV… but never the TV alone).
5. They prefer hanging out than staying at home.
6. Both look good in stripes. Horizontal ones for J as they make him look chubby. Vertical ones for The Man… er… for obvious reasons.
7. Both have a high tendency to fall asleep during one of my speeches.