Adults always complain about “Money Not Enough”. How about babies? Do they complain about “Toys Not Enough”? 
Maybe not.
My conviction is based on the fact that there are a few toys with very high traction (remote controls included) that never fail to keep J entertained. Just like the good old “spinning spidey”. He can get so hyper watching it spin and spin each time, like he is seeing it for the very first time. On the other hand, there are other toys which he took one look and then ignored them for the rest of their existence. 
I thus conclude that it is not about having enough toys. It is about having the right toys. You are better off with one great toy than ten lousy toys. 
Cannot relate? Well, it is like clothes.
There will be favourite pieces that always end up in the washing machine every other week and there will be pieces that just stay hanging lifelessly in a corner of the wardrobe without seeing any daylight. So when we (girls) always complain about not having enough clothes (even though we are out of clothes hangers and out of wardrobe space, subtly invading into the men’s territory), most likely we are not buying the right clothes!
So coming back to toys. Here is a classic example of a good buy vs a bad buy.
J xmas present_1
These were our very first Christmas presents for J as parents. A fabric safari animal book and a soccer ball that lets out a funny sound when bounced. You can see how hard we try to balance his academic and sports development from a young tender age…hahaha…
In this photo, he seemed thrilled with the two gifts above but what you don’t see is that the book is now so seasoned and crumpled whereas the ball stays hidden in a box collecting dust.
This blog entry should end here but I just want to share another irrelevant shot snapped seconds after the one above. Back in December, he still couldn’t sit up by himself so this is him about to topple sideways and my “claws” in a desperate attempt to grab him 🙂
J xmas present_2