What does one do while waiting for the lift that always seem to take ages to come? You start scanning through notices decorated around them. This was what I came across sometime back. Not sure if you notice what was wrong with it but I certainly did. 
As I was taking the shot, I realised I was definitely not the first who noticed the blooper. I am saying this in my own defence that the cross was not my doing. If you look closer, you will know what I mean. 
Should one classify that as public service or vandalism? I am inclined to feel it is the latter. If not, why wouldn’t he or she do everyone a bigger favour by replacing it with the correct word instead of just stopping at a cross?
Perhaps he or she wasn’t too sure either. 
I cannot deny I was tempted to complete the unfinished business but not only did I not have a pen with me… my lift had also arrived… finally 🙂
By the way, doesn’t anyone proof read these RC notices? Maybe it is time they start doing so.