We got acquainted just not too long ago
And I had never thought of having you sold
It was definitely not my intention
To make you feel so forsaken
Our affair may be brief 
but I am already filled with grief
I am sad but it is not shown on my face
Afterall it was a decision I have made
I will always remember how we used to zip around
East to West and sometimes around town
And how I loved your big round speedometer & quirky buttons
And how I enjoyed flicking to change your night light colours
Oh how you suffered these past months
Soaking in rain and baking in sun
Car wash has been a very rare treat
and I did nothing much to keep you happy and clean
From now on you are no longer with me physically
But I promise you will always be part of my memories
So long, Farewell, my dear MINI
Hope you find someone who will take care of you better than me