I recently went for some routine medical checkup and I had quite an interesting conversation with the female doctor (Doctor A).

Doctor A: So… you had a baby this year. Who was your gynae?

Me: Ya. My Gynae was Doctor B.

Doctor A: Oh…Doctor B is such a charming man!

Me: Oh you know him?

Doctor A: Kind of. He is very experienced in his field. My husband is a gynae too and I once sat at a dinner beside him. So charismatic.

Me: Well, I guess he can be quite humorous sometimes.

Doctor A: He is quite old lah… but still very attractive at his age!

We both chuckled.

Doctor A: So… you also had your LASIK done this year?

Me: Ya but didnt go too well…. blah blah blah

Doctor A: I would never go for LASIK… blah blah blah. So who was your doctor?

Me: Doctor C

Doctor A: Oh… Doctor C!

Me: Huh? You know him too?

Doctor A: Aiya, he always appear on magazines mah

Me: He looks very young hoh?

Doctor A: Looks young only but actually not that young. Don’t really like him. So vain. Always unbutton his shirt a little and trying too hard to look good. How much he charges? Where is his clinic?

Me: blah blah blah

Doctor A: Huh? His clinic is there uh. That place good enough for him meh? He so vain… thought he would be here in Paragon. That Doctor B is so much better than him. Older but more charming.

We both chuckled again.

Before this, I never expected Doctors to gossip (or even bitch).

At least not with the patient.

Then again… I guess it is a “woman” thing… regardless of profession 🙂