Like many other parents, I can’t wait for J to utter his first words.  For months, the only sounds coming out of his mouth were some language unknown to any earthlings. Simply put, he was only capable of making noises.

These few days, he seems to conjure up this one word… ok…there is no such word but he repeats it several times a day that it is almost convincing.

And that almost-sound-like-a-word word is……….”MUMBA!” 🙂

Before you alternate tab or open a new window to check out this word on Dictionary.com, let me save you the trouble as that returns no results.

It does not matter that this word does not exist and it does not matter that it may be a meaningless sound to others. To me, that is Justin baby’s first word. In fact, I believe he means “I am happy!”. Simply because I can tell from his eyes that he means it 🙂