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After I left my demanding job in January, I get to spend more time with Baby J at home and naturally many moments were spent in the playroom.  Doing silly new things with old toys is my desperate way to rekindle Baby J’s interest in old toys that he has already gotten bored with (which is too fast for my liking). While it does not work all the time, I do amuse myself at times.

For instance, I found Spidey on this abacus rather silly and went on to post it on FB for captions.

I must say some friends really have a cute sense of humour! Here are some of them.


“Count on me!”

 “I counted my way to the top.”


“Why am I stuck up here?”

“I’m going to have one bigger and more muscular arm like roger federer and/ or Serena Williams.”

“Feeling divided about being at the top.”

“Spidy rescue rainbow tower..”

“Newsflash! Spider-Man escapes rainbow prison amid accusations of spandex violation.”