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Next time before you dump those empty toilet rolls away, think twice.  You can actually turn these unseemingly useless rolls into some cool art and craft ideas.  Here is one which I read from a magazine which is so easy that your kids can actually create an entire forest for their playroom!

Just a few simple steps to follow but there can be so much variation if you let your creative juice flow freely.

  1. Cut 2 slits at each side of the toilet roll (to slot in the tree crowns later on).
  2. Paint the whole roll brown. Leave aside to dry
  3. For the tree crown, use coloured card/paper (cannot be too flimsy). Or if you are in the mood, do some fun paint dapping with your kids using a sponge or even fingers! Leave aside to dry and do the same for the flip side.  Alternatively, you can fold the painted side and glue them together to result in the same thing.
  4. This is the fun part. Get your kids to cut out fun and imaginative tree crowns!
  5. Assemble the tree crowns and the painted rolls and TA-DA!


In fact, one look at this you should already get the idea how it is done.

Can you spot an oddball? 😛