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One small advantage of being a SAHM I soon realised, was being able to linger in Gor Gor J’s school for a little longer than before since I no longer have to rush back all the way to Changi for that morning meeting  or to hop back into the car for that morning conference call.

What happens when one slows down one’s morning pace? One tends to pay more attention to things around us. Small things.

I took an interest to the unassuming book shelf tucked away in the corner of the classroom and was delighted to find some interesting reads!  It seemed like the class was going through a “fairy tale” themed school term and the shelf was stuffed with titles that intrigued me. Among them, these two below got me most curious (just take a look at the titles… who wouldn’t!) and I started flipping the pages.

Let this not be a spoiler for you.  They can be found on both Amazon and the Library.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed as you will most likely enjoy it as much as your kids!