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I have a love hate relationship with Play-Doh.

Play-Doh can keep the little ones occupied for a reasonable amount of time while you have a quick shower or have some emails done.

Play-Doh encourages creativity.

Play-Doh doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Play-Doh is even quite therapeutic for adults!

So I can understand how it is a big hit among toddlers and young children.


I am sure many parents will attest to the ultimate nightmare of packing up afterwards!

Arrrggghhh… I went from a tiny piece of paper to spreads of newspapers to actually buying rolls of brown papers. There will still be those straying bits that end up on the children’s shorts, feet before being transferred to other parts of the house.

Folks at Play-Doh have indeed crafted a perfect business model for sustainable business… because when your green tub that is so essential for all the leaves and vegetables has been reduced to almost nothing… OR when you can no longer tell your pink apart from your black (eventually every tub will be this uniform colour which I still have no name for but I guess dirt would be the closest description)… it is time to hit the store and top up tubs of Play-Doh again!

So you can imagine how reluctant I am to accede to “Can I play with Play-Doh?” requests. I do have a list of pre-planned excuses of how it is never the right time for Play-Doh.

However like I said… it is a love hate relationship.

This is what makes me LOVE Play-Doh.  It puts a wonderful smile on his face… and this time round even on his fingers! That ultimately put a smile on mine 🙂