Throughout the years, I have never quite successfully baked any loaf of bread using the traditional method with the oven. I have always longed for freshly baked bread for the family that not only smells and taste good but also preservative-free.  However, I have long given up until I recently acquired this bread making machine that a friend kindly recommended me!

Here is how it looks. Not too large but definitely need to cater some small uncluttered corner for it.  The instructions are really simple (though the user manual uses some puzzling English sentence structure).  A few basic recipes were provided as well as structured tips on how we can inject some variety.

I spent slightly above $300 on it and sure hope to reap some good ROI from it!


Naturally, my first attempt was the most basic white bread and I took every effort to follow the recipe closely.  About four hours later, Viola! My living room smelled like a bakery in the early hours.



While it tasted decent, it still felt a bit dense for my liking.  Nonetheless, it was a good start! Everyone at home was thrilled to be tasting home made bread for breakfast the next day! And did I mention about its “timer” feature which allows me to put all the ingredients into the machine at night and wake up to fresh bakes? How conveniently brilliant!