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This is my fifth year as a mummy and for the first time, I received a Mother’s Day gift from gor gor J.  Not without a lot of help from his teachers.

On a lovely brown paper bag was scribbled with the words: 妈妈我爱您, which means “Mummy, I love you”.  And inside were two pieces of cookies that looked really good BUT tasted really bad!  I took a bite and asked if he wanted to share. He did and asked me:” Mmm… it is nice right?”  I didn’t want to tell him the cruel truth and so told a white lie that it tasted yummy.

Next day, I asked two fellow mummies casually if they have tried the cookies.   They gave me the same *roll eye* look and thanked God that both their boys volunteered to finish up the cookies!  We had a good laugh over it.

However it tasted, it still felt so sweet to be at the receiving end on this Mother’s Day.

Thank you gor gor J for your flour.  I mean cookies 🙂
Mother;s Day