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In my school days, I loved to do a little portrait sketching with pencils in my free time.  So two years back when I gave The Man an Oil Painting Package Course at My Art Space as a birthday gift (of course my own participation is part of that gift!), I was delighted to be able to immerse myself in Art again. It was very therapeutic to spend 2-3 hours per week painting in their conducive environment. Each time I painted, I was transported into a world where there was nothing else but only brushes and paint between me and the canvas.

That lasted a few months before I realised I was expecting Baby J and had to stop.  Short lived but definitely fulfilling as I had discovered a whole new world of painting with oil as a medium.  Before that, I have never tried dabbling with oil. I fell in love with it almost instantly.

This was my very first attempt at painting portraits (and was my second completed piece of oil painting at My Art Space).  I thought it would be more meaningful to paint someone close to heart and decided on a photo of The Man and gor gor J.  I wanted to bring out the joy in their looks through my painting and I hope I did!

Every time I look at this, I feel such an urge to paint again!