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When gor gor J first handed me this piece of paper below, his smug look was met with my blank look.  No matter how hard I stared at it and flipped it around, I still had no idea what it was supposed to be.  I gave up trying to be smart and asked him to tell me what he wrote.

It turned out that he was writing four songs.

music score

Well, if you are still as baffled as I was, let me enlighten you.  (Before that I need to make a disclaimer that he has only been with Yamaha for the 3rd term so have no expectations.)

Apparently, each box is equivalent to a bar with the notes in them.  Notice how he has included f and mf and p modelling after musical notations he has seen from his Yamaha books. The other letters you see that are not making much sense are of course…. the song titles.

It did not end there.  He insisted that I learn and play his music, which I brilliantly delegated the honourable task to The Man, citing that he is a much better at reading notes than I am 🙂 I have yet to check on his progress 🙂

Composer in the making? Perhaps, but first, he has to seriously polish up his spelling!