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You know how you always drive past a certain stretch of eateries on the way home or somewhere else and tell yourself that you should remember to come here for dinner one day…. and yet whenever you are scratching every inch of your brain for a nice dinner location, you tend to let it slip?

It happens to me all the time. Especially so after having 2 boys to feed now, we always end up at the usual few places where parking, seats and food are kids-friendly and predictable.

So I actually felt a strange sense of achievement over the weekend when we finally get to make our way to Frankel Avenue for Peperoni Pizzeria!

We parked along the road across the restaurant after a fruitless attempt looking for proper lots.  If you are familiar with Frankel Avenue, you will know that parking can get really challenging with the limited parallel lots just outside the stretch of eateries.

We half suspected it was illegal to park where we did but the waiter was kind enough to assure us it was safe after 7pm (think it was a single yellow line).  It was 6.45pm so  we just needed to ensure the car was under our watchful eye for 15 min!  And it was perfect as we found ourselves a nice table in the alfresco area where we could do just that 🙂  The evening was breezy so I would have preferred to dine outdoors anyway.

First up Parma ham & rocket salad.  The crust was thin and crisp and super delicious.  We chomped away at the generous helping of rocket leaves.  Even Baby J couldn’t stop grabbing the cheese toppings and stuffed them into his mouth.

peperoni pizzeria_2

We decided to stay away from our usual Aglio Olio and went for Pesto today. It is not something that The Man usually fancies but it turned out that he loved it!  The portion was also in my opinion just nice for a hungry adult.

peperoni pizzeria_3

We ordered a Bolognese Fusilli for our boys to share.  By the time I had to finish up the last bits for them, it was already well… cold and clammy… but I believed it tasted great while served hot.

peperoni pizzeria_4

And did I mention they have happy hour before 7pm? Much needed for parents like us on a weekend night after an entire day of madness with the kids (which continues after dinner by the way).

Baby J was somewhat excited when he saw and held the cold bottle of Wittekerke Rosé, which was fruity and light.

peperoni pizzeria_5

peperoni pizzeria_1

And so here we were. Great comfort food away from the crowds (which is my definition of a peaceful and blissful weekend dinner).

peperoni pizzeria_6

Location: 95 Frankel Avenue

Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays: 12pm to 10.30pm
Sundays: 11am to 10.30pm. Last order at 10.30pm.

Tel: 6445 5661

Website: http://peperoni.com.sg