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Legoland wasn’t part of the plan. Korea was. As the unfortunate MERS outbreak unfolded itself in Seoul, we made a painful but wise decision to cancel our trip just 2 days before the flight.  More on the trip cancellation experience in another post.

So Legoland ended up as a consolation trip for our disappointed gor gor J.  Anyway, with its doors opened for almost 3 years now, it was about time we bring the boys there.  And we are glad we did. We stayed in the Legoland Hotel (but of course) and were lucky enough to get ourselves a suite for 5 adults and 2 kids given it was such a last minute arrangement!

Now I begin to appreciate why some of my friends keep visiting Legoland on an annual pass. SO much has been written and shared about why this place is such a big hit with families.  Here is my take on the 6 things I enjoyed most about this Legoland trip.

1) The Suite

This was my first time staying in a themed hotel so maybe that was why I was so in awe like a little child all over again.  Every corner of this KINGDOM themed suite shouted LEGO.






2) The QUEST

Ok, this was just a little fun activity in the suite but it delighted us so much (adults especially) that it deserves its very own spot in this list!  In the middle of the room was a treasure chest with instructions.  I will just leave it as that instead of turning it into a spoiler 🙂 And if all else fails, call operator or room service for help! (Embarrassing but I think we did just that).  The treasures inside are worth the effort and it kept half the family busy and the other half bewildered 🙂


3) The Sign Boards

Even the most inconspicuous notices are made from lego bricks like this one sitting non-chalently on the table top. I can imagine how cool it would be to have one of these that says “OUT FOR LUNCH” or “BE BACK SOON” if I have an office desk of my own! Legoland_1

Here is another one found in the buffet area but as you can see, some letter is missing in action.


4) The Indoor Play for Rainy Days

It rained for a couple of hours but that did not dampen our moods at all.  There was no lack of indoor fun to keep us entertained.  BUILD and TEST was where we spent a considerable amount of time building Lego vehicles to race on the ramps with one another as well as other kids (and daddies who never quite grow up).  With so many special bricks and parts, one can really build an awesome dream racer here!  The single biggest challenge however, is to get hold of wheels that are a rare commodity (as illustrated in above sign board).  No Wheels No Race.  Older kids with huge interest in all things robotic and scientific will find themselves losing track of time in LEGO MINDSTORMS and LEGO ACADEMY.  And of course Star Wars fans should not miss the STAR WARS exhibition EVEN if it isn’t raining!


5) The Details

While many would be wowed by the grandeur of the realistic Lego models of famous cities in MINILAND, I was more drawn to the intricate and interesting details that lie within.  Can you recognise some of these cities?






There were just so much more that I can’t possibly include all here but above were the few of my favourites.

5) The No-So-Scary Rides

I guess many would roll their eyes at this one.  How is a theme park fun without its breath-taking, heart-stopping, knees-trembling, exciting to the max kind of rides right?  Wrong.  At least not for me 🙂  Hence, I really appreciate many of the rides which hopeless adults like myself can still take and enjoy without feeling or looking silly.  My favourite would be the RESCUE ACADEMY where families compete against one another in a race to put out a fire (fake of course).  It was literally a physical workout!  I was initially tempted to post the video but on second thoughts, not really, as I looked too much like a crazy near-hysterical woman.

Other rides which gor gor J enjoyed included the ROYAL JOUST, DRIVING SCHOOL and the BOATING SCHOOL (me too!)


For thrill-seeking folks, of course there is no lack of rides for you to scream your heart out.

The WATER PARK which we spent the whole of our second day was equally fun with a huge variety of water play and slides offering different level of thrills.  Baby J had the most fun here and he was eventually so exhausted he fell asleep in his wet swim wear almost instantly the moment he was scooped out from the pool.

6) The FUN Factors for Everyone

Let me share how diverse the family members are in order to understand why this is such a plus point.

Myself – fear scary rides (can’t pay me enough to take them), love water fun, takes kiddy rides if required.

The Man – hates to queue especially under the hot sun, does not fear scary rides but not motivated to take them unless accompanied, requires regular toilet and water breaks

Gor gor J – takes after me hopelessly when it comes to scary rides. cannot sit still yet cannot walk for long, loves water fun.

Baby J – doesn’t care what is going on as long as there is food and he gets pushed around or he gets to trot around, too young for rides (except boating fun), loves water fun as it turned out.

The Uncle – likes scary rides, likes kiddy rides, loves water fun, doesn’t mind the sun nor long queues… come to think of it… maybe this place is most suited for him 🙂

The granny – i am sure both gor gor J and myself inherited the hopeless fear for scary rides from her, even kiddy rides fall under her scary rides categories, screams during boating, needs to rest her feet occasionally, doesn’t mind anything else as long as the kids enjoy themselves safely.

The grand dad – doesn’t like rides period, enjoys narrating to grandchildren about every sighting along the way. So… it doesn’t sound like everyone can have fun at the same time does it? BUT we did! In our own different ways, we all did 🙂