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It has been an exciting month for Singapore as well as many Singaporeans!  The SEA GAMES 2015 has brought so much to the host country and its people in many respects.  Not only have our athletes done us proud, everyone involved in organising and helping out throughout the event (including all the >15K volunteers from Team Nila) did a fantastic job. What resulted was just commendable, bringing our sporting scene to a next level.  From the newly added Sports Hub, the family-friendly carnivals, the extensive telecasts of events, the detailed media coverage to the songs by home grown music talents, the whole vibe of the SEA GAMES was just brilliant and memorable.

While many of the events’ tickets were hard to grab, we wanted to be able to support at least one of our very own TeamSG.  As a basketball player myself years ago, we went for the match between Singapore and Malaysia Women teams.  We would have loved to go for one of the swim events but were not in time to secure any tickets.   The boys bought TeamSG’s tops especially for the event to show our support!


Although it was a one-sided game with Malaysia being the obviously stronger team, we truly enjoyed soaking in the whole atmosphere and cheering loud and hard for our own girls.


Of course to keep the kids seated throughout a game would not have been possible without a constant supply of snacks.  So after all the screaming and snacking, most of us went home with a hoarse voice.  Besides giving the kids an opportunity to experience a live competitive match as a spectator, what mattered even more were the valuable life lessons these games offer for our kids.  Lessons that can hardly be taught through text books in classrooms.

For example,  while we train hard and compete hard with all our hearts, there will always be winners and losers.  We do not only celebrate victory but also the spirit of striving to do our best.  Losing should only spur us on to do better next time and it is nothing to be ashamed about.  This is so true in life and what better opportunity to explain that to our kids than times like that?

Integrity is another area that kids can be educated on effectively.  In the athletes’ quests for victory, it is important to do so by observing rules of the games and display true sportsmanship at all times.  Same goes for our daily life and we should not lose sight of that and be misguided to commit wrong deeds just because we want something so much.

Lessons aplenty.

It was a pity we missed the opening ceremony.  As a consolation, we attended the closing ceremony.  Why consolation? Simply because I think openings would usually be more grand and much more full of anticipation.  To be honest, I found the closing ceremony slightly disappointing with no “wow” factor.  I expected to be treated to a visual extravaganza but there were only 2 performances (excluding the mini pre-show concert), one by Malaysia and one by Singapore.  In fact, I would not shy away from the word “boring” to describe them.  Having said that, it was our first time inside the new stadium so we were still very glad to be part of this memorable event and was pretty in awe with the Sports Hub’s grandeur.

Just before the pre-show started, we caught an incredible sunset view from where we were seated.


A couple of shots of the parading stamps and floats.  Like I mentioned earlier, nothing too spectacular.



Side story: A little drama took place while we were passing the security checks prior to the closing ceremony.  Gor Gor J’s ‘itchy fingers’ must have wondered off curiously at the rollers conveyor belts and somehow got his hand trapped between the rollers!  He started screaming in pain and we quickly pulled his hand out.  Thank goodness he did not break his fingers but I believe some of his top layer flesh must have been scraped off 😦

Here he was crying in pain but mainly in fear while the kind medic volunteers from SAF cleaned and bandaged the wound.


In a few moments, he was back to normal blowing up the balloon sticks from the welcome packs, getting ready for the show.


I really hope this episode will teach him yet another lesson: There must be a good reason when daddy and mummy always nag about not meddling with things that are not meant to be meddled with!