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Last month, gor gor J was invited to a classmate’s birthday party at Fidgets at The Grandstand.  What made it slightly different from the usual indoor playground birthday parties was that this was a “Little Bakers’ party.  So instead of the typical party room with games and food, all the actions happened inside the baking studio.

Don’t look down on this baking studio for kids.  It is fully equipped for some serious baking!  The friends, except a few who arrived late, were lined up for a quick shot before the instructor-led baking session began.  Little baker wannabes looking uber cute in their chef’s hat ad aprons!


Deep in discussion about the recipe?


Not only is the studio spacious with comfortable working space for all the kids, it was well decorated and came with a glass panel behind the kids for curious parents to take a peep at the little ones busy at work (without too much distractions)… or taking a water break in this case 🙂


A cheeky moment while waiting for their bakes to be ready.


There is something so right and fun about baking together in a group and getting to taste their own creations made from scratch.  Among the many parties’ activities we were invited to, this was a very well organised one without the usual chaos.  The parents could even chill at the cafe area and have our own little catch-ups over finger food.  Of course the real craziness came afterwards during the free play time at the playground… and more so after all that sugar.

And the kids got to take home their yummy bakes in boxes decorated by themselves.  More sugar rush back home!


Having a good laugh over some silly acts of Baby J after cake-cutting.


Although Baby J did not get a chance to bake, he totally enjoyed himself too at the toddlers’ play corner, which was an area carved out specially for lil tots.


Just before heading home, The Man wanted to prove he could carry one boy in each hand (not sure why but probably due to the sugar rush too?) and hence this shot 🙂  Three very happy people who had a great time.