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Earlier this week, we had a some time to spare between a Primary School’s Open House and a Taekwondo class.  The Man suggested we give Patisserie G (which he casually called it G Cafe perhaps due to the gigantic letter “G” on its wall) a try as he was very impressed with their signature dessert “G Spot” and wanted to try some of the other mouth-watering options on display.

Patisserie G_7

I left The Man and Gor Gor J at the display counter to decide on what to have. At some point I overheard Gor Gor J asking if he could have one of each of the macarons flavour (there must have been close to 20 types?).  I almost wanted to jump out of my seat and prevent what The Man is fond of doing, which is to oblige to such requests intuitively.  After a very lengthy negotiation between the both of them, they settled for 2 macarons. PHEW!

These were the 2 lucky picks.  Dark Chocolate and Olive.  Gor Gor J actually preferred the Olive flavoured one over the can’t-go-wrong chocolate, which surprised me.  You will be spoilt for choices with their variety.  There are even a few with alcohol 😛

Patisserie G_3

Here was the Lemon Strawberry Dome that looked too gorgeous to be dug into.  It appeared so glossy that I could actually see a little reflection of myself in it! We all got very high digging into it eventually, savouring every bit of the interesting texture and flavour of the lemon mousse, strawberry balsamic compote and almond sponge combined.

Patisserie G_1

I can’t recall when was the last time I had lychee and was delighted by this lychee cheese cake that I really took my time to enjoy.  If you look closer, you can see two unsightly dents on the Lemon Strawberry Dome in the background… thanks to Gor Gor J who was so curious about the dome that his two fingers went right for it.  He later claimed he didn’t know it was for eating!

Patisserie G_2

The Man needed something to fill his stomach as we only had a light lunch earlier.  So he ordered the Brioche toast with ham and cheese.  The melted gruyere cheese on top really made me drool.  However, the toast was slightly burnt at the sides (we could even smell it when it was served).  Otherwise, a perfect toast for a quick lunch on a busy day.

Patisserie G_5

And he topped it up with a beautiful cuppa with nicely done latte art.

Patisserie G_4 The boys love such afternoons with sweet treats and you can tell from their faces!

Patisserie G_6

Location: #01-40 Millenia Walk

Opening Hours: Weekdays (7.30am-9.00pm, 1030pm on Fri), Sat (11am-10pm), Sun (11am-9pm)

Tel: 6338-7578

Website: http://patisserieg.com