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Well, it was not exactly the first hair cut but rather, the first hair cut by a professional (not a self-proclaimed one).  Before that, I have been his official hair stylist armed with these below.  You may belittle me but do not look down on them as they are great tools!

Baby J haircut_4

I was hoping to delay bringing him to the hair salon as much as possible by my DIY snips at home.  Yes, while it might have been one of the most daunting thing to do trim my 1.5 year old’s hair in the bathroom but I just couldn’t picture him sitting still at a hair salon without  struggling to climb/slide down from the chair or attempting to snatch away the pair of scissors  from the hairdresser.

Alas the day had come when The Man and my mum declared that Baby J seriously needed a haircut as it was long enough to be tied up and he was constantly perspiring.    A proper trim will do him good and so they believe.

We wanted to play safe and brought him to the same auntie who did Gor Gor J’s virgin cut as she was probably the only one patient and experienced enough for us to entrust Baby J with.  She used to be in Parkway Parade but has since shifted to East Village.  So, we headed nearby for lunch first.  I still remembered we used to bring Gor Gor J for $18 and now the rate has gone up to $24 (a shocking > 33% increase!)

Surprisingly, Baby J was more than cooperative and it was a great relief to go through the entire process without any major drama.

Baby J haircut_1

Even Gor Gor J was really well-behaved that afternoon setting up his own temporary table and indulged in his own doodling.  We must have fed both boys the right food for lunch that day!

Baby J haircut_5

And the result of the hair cut?


Baby J haircut_2


Baby J haircut_3

Reminds me of one of my very own childhood photo below… don’t you think!?!

Baby J haircut_6