As I ploughed through some old posts of my first pregnancy with Gor Gor J, I was suddenly transported back to 6 years ago.  While there were not many, these words and photos reminded me of many precious (some silly) moments.

It made me smile inside.

While doing so evoked sweet memories, I also realised painfully that I did not jot down a single thing when I was carrying Baby J last year.

It made me feel regretful inside.

Naturally, I had much more time to spare during my first pregnancy since I was on LOA (Leave of Absence) whereas I was so buried with work during my second that I barely had enough sleep on most nights.  However, on hindsight, I really should have put in some effort to pen down the little things during those months. That will definitely bring back many priceless memories years down the road.

I would really urge all mummies-to-be to spend a few moments writing down what you are experiencing during each milestone.  It can be as simple as a scribbling a few liners in a personal journal.

One day years later, it will surely bring a smile to your face.