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As September is drawing near, I need to decide on, or at least start looking for a suitable party venue for Gor Gor J’s birthday celebration with his classmates.   It will be his very first birthday party and after attending so many of his classmates, I hope to have it at a more interesting and exciting location for all his friends. The first thought that came to my mind was The Wave House at Sentosa.

Last year, The Man’s company actually held their annual Christmas Party at The Wave House and I remembered Gor Gor J had so much fun.  As I started finding out more about it as a children’s birthday party venue, I dug out some of our photos and videos taken during the event last December.  Many were hilarious.

There were instructors assisting everyone on the Double FlowRider, which is for beginners.  The other more professional looking FlowBarrel with faster and larger waves would be for serious and thrill seeking surfers.  The REAL deal.

Anyway, back to the FlowRider.  There were two queues.  One for the adults and one for the kids.  Besides the differences in the waves itself, the kids get to lie down flat on the bodyboard assisted by the instructor behind whereas the adults had to try balancing on their feet and eventually let go of the instructor’s grip.

The real fun was watching how huge men falling flat on their bums just a split second after letting go of the instructor’s hands.  There was a little competition to see who can last the longest and I think eventually a lady won with 7 seconds or so?   It really was not that easy as it looked.  Unfortunately I was not prepared with the right attire that day and had to give this a miss.

Here was Gor Gor J soaking in sun and fun.  I decided not to post those silly videos and photos of The Man falling repeatedly so as not to be slaughtered by him should he finds out!

Wave house_1

Wave house_2

This is one cool place to have a private event with loads of screams and laughter guaranteed. As for Gor Gor J’s birthday party… I might have to give it further thoughts as not all the kids in his K2 class might be comfortable enough with being in the waters yet to fully enjoy the waves.  For older kids… I am sure it will be a big hit!

Wave house_3