When I was working like a crazy woman, I did not have the time for regular exercise. Then came the pregnancy, then came the confinement, then came many many other excuses.

Now that I have stopped working and started my own online venture with flexible timing, I decided to stop finding excuses for myself.  Although I was lucky enough to lose all my pregnancy weight within 4-5 months after I gave birth to Baby J, it was very clear to me that I was no longer as fit as before.  In fact, I was terribly weak.  Regular migraines, perpetual exhaustion, frequent flu attacks… and most of all, I want to lead by example for my boys. I want them to grow up having an active lifestyle.  And this has to start with family.

So I started planning what I can and should do around my current schedule.  I am sticking to the following regime for now but hope to get something done on Monday too.

Tuesday evenings – Swim for 20 laps (while Gor Gor J has his swimming lesson)

Thursday mornings/afternoons – 1 hour badminton game with friends

Friday evenings – 1 hour tennis/badminton game with The Man (while Gor Gor has his swimming lesson)

As part of my commitment, check out my brand new badminton shoes and racquet. Good old Yonex!

badminton shoes

badminton racquet

It has been 3 weeks of sweating it out so far… keep it up Mummy!