Since early this year, I left my job.  I no longer have to step into an office and I no longer have to go for meetings.  That means a sudden shift in lifestyle, routine… and naturally my WARDROBE!!!

Wardrobe is not something that can be changed overnight but I had to start somewhere.  First thing I did was of course to clear out all my suits, shirts, work pants, shift dresses… basically items that I will definitely not be wearing… so as to make space.  Same thing for those heels that will probably not see much daylight from now on.  Then came the more fun part of shopping!  While I did have sufficient casual wear to tide me over weekends previously, it is now a different ball game altogether when you have to be dressed like that 7 days a week!

As I am revamping my wardrobe, slowly but surely, I realise that I can easily go off track on my purchases unless I am sure of what my wardrobe needs to be like moving forward.

So note to myself:

  1. It has to be functional for me as I go about my daily tasks like bringing my boy for classes, doing marketing, working on my laptop at home/at cafes, heading for my exercises playing with my baby.  I have to move about easily without feeling restricted.
  2. It has to be in a cooling material since I no longer spend hours in air-conditioned places and have to be in and out of the sun in this crazy Singapore weather.
  3. It must be versatile enough to be matched with most existing wardrobe items.  Simply because quitting my job to start my own home-based business means no more steady stream of income.  So I not only have to spend wisely but have to mix and match even more wisely.
  4. It still has to be presentable despite ALL of the above 🙂

While there is no need for dressing up deliberately and spending 10 minutes on hair and makeup every morning now, I remind myself constantly that it should not be an excuse to be lazy and walk out of the house looking all sloppy.  Whether you are working or not, I truly believe that just by feeling good about how you look in the morning is a great way to start the day.

So, I have decided to start a simple photo journal of what I put on to:

  • Remind myself of combinations that work
  • What wardrobe items have been making frequent appearance (which means I should get more of those styles since they work for me!)
  • What wardrobe items have been NOT making any appearance but are still taking up space in the wardrobe (why am I not wearing them?   Is it because they don’t fit well, there is nothing to go with them or I simply do not like them anymore?)
  • And maybe share some simple ideas with other SAHM or WAHM what might work and what might not.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is no way I am not trying to be a fashion blogger wannabe at the age of 39.  What you see is what you get – no deliberate makeup, no effort in styling of hair and no photoshop touch ups (who has the time for that anyway!).  Just a few seconds job with my iPhone before I rush out of the house in the mornings.

I would like to call that My WAHM Styles for now 🙂

So here is my very first one this morning which happens to be a weekend.

WAHM Style_1

Top: Red paisley prints top from Forever 21 (you can actually find some rare gems there even though you are way past 21!)

Bottom: Skinny black jeans from Uniqlo (they offer so many value-for-money basics that I now own quite a number of them)